Wedding Celebration of Janice & Alex

A Malaysian girl and a Greek-Swedish guy meet in London; isn’t this a beautiful beginning of a love story? (Spoiler alert: yes!)

For Janice and Alex, a beautiful couple who shares a passion for two of life’s greatest pleasures, traveling and food, having their wedding in Kefalonia, Greece, was a no-brainer. Golden sandy beaches, delightful delicacies, and mesmerizing spring breeze – now that’s a recipe for a gorgeous big day. The ceremony and reception took place at Katavothres Watermill, in Katavothres, a unique and intriguing geological phenomenon that further enhances the mystique of the island. The quiet luxury vibe was intensified by the delicacy in every wedding detail such as the elegant bridesmaid dresses and the bride’s chic jewelry.

One of the happiest moments? Looking around to see the couple’s friends and families in one place together. People from all around the world, of different cultures, were united to celebrate a new sparkling beginning: the perfect way to make this special day feel full of love and joy.

Kefalonia Island, Greece
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