Wedding Celebration of Louise & Gavin

June 21, the longest day of the year: As if the sky wanted to match their wedding color palette, the blue over Louise and Gavin's heads was painted lavender. Beloved family and friends gathered at Trapezaki Beach to witness and celebrate the couple's wondrous and joyful commitment they made that day. A few hours later, gin made faces glow and hearts sparkle; fireworks lit up the night like shooting stars.

Love: Captured!

P.S. The following adorable note from L&G is an example of what makes us ride this wave of motivation and excitement towards our photography:

“Well, Vicky... aside from your amazing photos, as your work speaks for itself: You absolutely became one of the most influential people at our wedding. Your dedication to providing not only your own service, but to ensure the smooth flowing of others, absolutely blew us away. We honestly have no words to show you how grateful we are to have had you at our day. Our photos are beautiful. Your work is beautiful. And you, my lady, are beautiful inside and out. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Kefalonia Island, Greece
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