Wedding Celebration of Penny & Ashley

Penny and Ashley met when they were both 11 years old and they instantly became friends. At the time, they had no idea that they were wired to travel not only the world together, but also life itself. Fast forward a decade or so, they made the first step towards an adventure of a lifetime: They went on a date. And the rest is travel history, as they say.

Besides a passion for traveling, this handsome couple also shares a knack for aesthetics and an eye for detail; they designed their outstanding Wedding & Save the Date invitations themselves! The rest of the recipe for a dreamy big day was simple yet heartfelt: Tying the knot under an arch in a breathtakingly beautiful location, going for Grecian Gorgeous for the bride & bridesmaids and über-chic broken suits for the groom & groomsmen, and surrounded by overjoyed friends and family.  

Our favorite wedding touch? The page boy, of course. The couple’s adorable son did not only steal their beloved guests’ hearts; it stole a little bit of ours too!

Kefalonia Island, Greece
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